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Life of a female entrepreneur

Life of a female entrepreneur: startups, significant moments, success & stellar recommendations

Hello to all the wonderful listeners who tune in regularly to our Women Supporting Women podcast, where we chat about all things female! If you’re a woman in business or a budding entrepreneur looking for the hot tips, our latest podcast will be a treat.

In the host chair this week, we have Fernwood Fitness founder, and business powerhouse Di Williams chatting to the lovely Ludwina Dautovic, female entrepreneur and CEO of The Room XChange.

Pragmatic, Ludwina’s approach to business is often defined by logic: what do people want or need that they don’t have? And if they can’t get what they want or need, why not create it yourself? If you’re a budding female entrepreneur and you’re looking for some stellar recommendations, listen in as Ludwina and Di delve into business, success, resilience and more.

In July this year, Ludwina celebrated a significant milestone – 10 years since a moment that shifted her perspective. We chat to Ludwina about this time in her life, what it taught her about resilience and how it defined a new benchmark for what is possible.

Ludwina has a lot of impressive titles to cram into her LinkedIn description: CEO, speaker, tech innovator, and author, to name just a few. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her down many business ventures over the years, from writing books, to creating television shows and how a visitor’s extended stay led to a lightbulb moment.

As a seasoned woman in business, we chat to Ludwina about what defines success, and polishing those lightbulb ideas to help them shine. She says if three people remark that they like your idea, then you’re probably onto something.

We’re so grateful to Ludwina and Di for taking the time to share these insights and topics.

Time to jump in. Check it out on Spotify, or Apple Podcasts now.


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