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Trivia, dinner parties and workouts – staying connected

We all know what is happening right now, and that we’re spending a lot more time inside. For some people, this can feel very lonely and isolating, particularly if you live alone. But just because things are different right now, doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected and have fun. We just need to be a little more creative!

Here are a few ways to stay in touch with family and friends (while staying at home), and hopefully offer a snippet of normality.

Schedule weekly calls

Of course, pick up the phone whenever you feel like it, but having weekly scheduled calls makes it feel more like an event. There’s no playing phone tag and it might help on days when you don’t really feel like chatting.

A virtual dinner party

This one is fun! Organise to have dinner over video one night where you both cook the same recipes. It’s like a dinner party where the guests are sitting just a little further apart. You can play some music in the background, pair the food with wine and get dressed up – voila.

Workout together

Nothing keeps you committed like a workout partner. If the person you usually hit the gym with doesn’t live with you, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a workout session together. You can both jump on the weekly #FernwoodLive sessions on our Facebook page and work up a sweat. Afterwards, jump on the phone and catch up as usual.

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Host a trivia night

This is sure to be a popular one. Host an online trivia session with friends or family. You can pick different topics each week and even come up with a weekly prize for the winner. Enjoy some snacks and laughs as you quiz each other on tv shows, sports, music and more.

Book club

Easy. Everyone reads the same book and you all get together (over the phone of course) to discuss chapters each week. Or, if you don’t have access to the same book, use this as an opportunity to share recommendations and what you love about the book you’re reading.

Have a movie night

Decide on the film, make your snacks, and press play at the same time. Maybe agree on a time to hit pause for a quick bathroom break too!

Many people are feeling stressed, uncertain and unsettled about the current situation we find ourselves in. If you’re looking to find some calm, read  this blog on managing stress.


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