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If you can't hit the gym this week due to lockdown or other factors, it doesn't mean your workouts have to stop - it just means you might need to be a little more creative to maintain your workout at home. Here are some tips to help you stick to your fitness routine, stay motivated and keep moving until you can return to your fav women's only gym.

Stay motivated and remember your goals. 

Do you remember why you signed up for your gym membership? Everyone has different goals – improve strength, run further, boost confidence, or simply feel better. To help stay on track during this time, make a goal or dream board to remind you of what you want to achieve and why. Put it up on your desk, refrigerator door or mirror so you can see it every day. This will help with accountability and motivation.

Keep it simple.

You may be working out at home with less or no equipment, but there are a lot of exercises that you can still do. Simple body weight exercises are excellent when it comes to building core strength. Also, it’s probably best to avoid complicated or strenuous exercises without the support and guidance of a personal trainer. If you’re looking for at home workouts and you haven’t joined Fernwood yet, you should definitely consider it so you can access our exclusive member platform, MyFernwood. MyFernwood is packed with ab circuits, HIIT training, booty burners, yoga flows, meditation sessions and so much more.

Plan your workout and keep it flexible.

It’s all about smart planning. Find times and days that work with your current day-to-day life, but also prepare to be flexible. There may be times that you miss your workout for one reason or another, and that is absolutely fine! It might be worth planning a ‘spare’ workout day and time, just in case you miss one of your regular at home workouts.

Join our online community.

It’s always fun to have someone to share the highs and gains of a workout session. Join other members during our #FacebookLive sessions on Facebook (follow Fernwood Fitness!), or sign up to access Fernwood online classes. Having fun while working out can make that 2-minute wall sit or 1-minute plank feel much quicker. 

Celebrate small wins and gains.

Use this time to set goals. When it comes to your workout, you may have a goal to do three sets of 20 standard push-ups or hold a plank for a minute. Each time you hold the plank for 40 seconds, and then 45 seconds, celebrate! Even though you haven’t yet reached your goal, be proud that you made improvements. These gains will help to boost your self-confidence and will give you the push you to achieve your ultimate goals. That’s reason enough to celebrate!

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