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Staying fit in winter can be challenging, especially with cold mornings making it so hard to get out of bed, but you know what will warm you up - burpees, cycling, deadlifts, crunches, yoga classes and just simply moving! Lucky for us, our Fernwood gyms provide a supportive atmosphere filled with empowered women who are eager to conquer a workout and stay fit in winter. Nothing beats the power of women supporting women, right!

We share our five tips on how to stay fit this winter, and stay committed to your health and fitness goals all year-round.

Swap out cooler morning workouts  

If you keep hitting snooze on your alarm because you'd rather stay cuddled up in bed, then avoid the cold wintery mornings and switch your gym workouts to the midday or afternoon. This simple change can make a huge difference. Instead of exercising out in the elements, head to the gym where you will be welcomed into a warm environment and be motivated by our trainers to smash your workout. 

Book into group class 

Try out something new, like our wellness range of yoga, reformer Pilates and mat Pilates classes. Group wellness classes are an ideal option for winter as they offer a nice warm and cozy environment. Or if fitness is more your speed, we have plenty of classes that will turn up the heat! Booking classes and creating a gym schedule are also great ways to ensure you stay on track. 

Attend with a friend 

Motivating yourself to workout in winter can be hard, that’s why attending the gym with a friend can help to hold each other accountable and most importantly, have fun!. Plus, there’s nothing better than going out for brunch post workout. Here are a few more reasons - 21 in fact - to attend the gym with a friend.  

Join Fernwood's 6-Week Challenge 

Challenges are a great to stay motivated and keep on track with your fitness goals, especially as the temperature (and motivation) drops. Our 6-week Winter Challenge, Power, will be running throughout winter so you can power through and improve your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Find out more information about our 6-Week Power Challenge here.

Try to exercise regularly  

Although it may be hard, it is important to exercise regularly and maintain a routine that works for your schedule. Exercise has a positive impact on our mood and wellbeing, along with increasing your levels of energy. Don't try to commit to six sessions when you're feeling inspired and renewed on a Sunday evening as you scroll through Instagram. Set a realistic routine that allows for flexibility and dinner with the girls, while allowing you to work towards your goals.

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