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We think reason number 4 (post-workout brunch) in particular is a great reason to join our Fernwood gym with your bestie.

You probably don’t even need a list of reasons to join the gym with a friend, but just in case you’re looking for something other than someone to help keep you accountable, we’ve got a long list for you - 21 reasons in fact.

1. Great way to start the day – a friend, fitness and feeling good

2. Someone to track your progress and provide you with feedback

3. Celebrate the wins together

4. Brunch together after the gym - we LOVE this one!

5. You can carpool so you don’t have to look for a park – winning!

6. Motivation to complete your full workout, rather than sneaking out early (we've all done it)

7. A bit of healthy competition among friends

8. Maintain social connections while working out

9. Workout in the evening then go for dinner together (post-workout meal vibes)!

10. Find new fitness interests

11. Build confidence in a safe and supportive environment

12. Someone to spot you

13. Learn new moves together

14. Added push to try new group fitness and wellness classes

15. A friend to go active wear shopping with – almost as good as brunching

16. Keep your routine interesting

17. A friend to meditate with

18. Stay accountable to your routine and goals – it’s all about sustainability

19. Be a source of motivation for your friend

20. A reason you can’t cancel last minute – keeps you both committed!

21. Inspire other women around you

Another reason to join Fernwood - all the delicious recipes you get access to as part of our Fernwood Pulse program. Just like our delicious weekend pancakes.

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