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How to make time for exercise

Our busy lives and full schedules can often make it hard for us to squeeze exercise into our daily routines. With kids, meetings, family and work commitments, it’s super easy to get overbooked and fitness can fall by the wayside.

But how do we make time for exercise when we’re always on the go?

How do I make time for exercise?

There are so many convenient ways to exercise, from cycling to work or walking to the supermarket, to taking the stairs instead of the lift. Next time you’re looking at your diary, try some of these options to get your fitness fix in.

Set your alarm half an hour earlier. We all love a sleep in, but why not try and get up a little earlier? You’ll start your day feeling energised and ready to go, and then the rest of your day is free for work and play.

Find a conveniently located gym. With 70 Fernwood locations across Australia, we guarantee you’ll find one right around the corner from you! Having an easily accessible source of fitness adds convenience to your life, while encouraging you to show up for yourself.

Literally run your errands. Run to the shops! Run to the post office! Run anywhere you need to be – unless it’s a business meeting, then maybe skip your sweaty run and pencil it in for another time.

Try a shorter workout. Our FIIT30 and FIITRIGHT classes are ideal for the time-pressed woman. Enjoy a fast-paced HIIT workout that engages your full body in just 30 minutes.

Exercise while your kids are being active. Taking the kids to soccer or netball practice? A football game on the weekend? Fit your cardio in and go for a run around the oval or gym while they’re getting their practice in.

Choose workouts that you enjoy. It’s so much easier to make time for things that we enjoy. If you find yourself regularly cancelling certain classes or skipping workouts, explore the many exercise options available to you at Fernwood and discover the one that works for you – you’ll surely make time in your schedule for your favourites.

Book a PT session. If you’re struggling with motivation, our expert Personal Trainers are here to guide you towards achieving your health and fitness goals. You’ll feel more confident, plus you’re less likely to cancel when you’ve got someone keeping you accountable. Schedule your PT!

Combine fitness and social time. Get the best of both worlds by exercising with your bestie. It can be tempting to go out for a drink but bring your catch up to the gym instead. Encourage each other to work hard and then treat yourselves to a healthy smoothie or brunch afterwards!

Alright, ready to get scheduling? Take a peek at your diary and find those gaps where you can squeeze in your next workout. Whether that’s waking up early, trying a Personal Training session, or joining your local Fernwood – we’re sure your next fitness fix isn’t far away.

Interested in joining? Click here to learn more about memberships which include premium group fitness classes, the latest cardio and strength training equipment, free breakfast, and more… Or drop us a line below and we’ll answer any questions you may have – you know we love a chat!


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