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Empowering women to shine

We’re the health, fitness and wellness clubs more than 80,000+ women across Australia love. We made our mark on the fitness industry more than 30 years ago as the leading expert in women’s health, fitness and wellness. The first Fernwood Women’s Health Club opened in Bendigo in 1989, by Fernwood founder, businesswoman, proud mother and weightlifting champion Diana Williams.

Today we have close to 71 health and fitness clubs situated in every state and territory of Australia. Our goal is to empower women to shine, by giving them the confidence they need to succeed in all they do.


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We are a league of powerful women. We can do anything we put our minds to. Anything, and everything. There is no limit to what we – women – can achieve.

Fernwood Founder Diana Williams

Experience the freedom of Fernwood Fitness

Exclusive for women, our clubs are purpose-built for perfect balance. Think strength and weight training, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, high intensity exercise, group fitness classes to suit every style – from FIIT30 to Tai Chi to Zumba, yoga and Pilates (with some clubs offering reformer Pilates too!), meditation and mindfulness. Members are supported by experienced personal trainers, food and nutrition coaching, world-first wellness programs, and a community of empowered women.

When you join Fernwood, your membership to our empowered and exclusive female fitness community includes everything you need for complete health, fitness and wellness, plus a Freedom Pass for unlimited access to ALL clubs nationwide.

Ideal for those days when your schedule is jam-packed from morning to evening, or maybe you’re on holiday interstate. Wherever you are, simply pop into your nearest Fernwood for a sweat session and get back to your day!


  • A huge range of cardio machines, most fitted with TVs and music
  • Weight training equipment and machines, including a free weights area
  • Gym floor to set up freestyle circuits. Think planks, burpees and crunches – all the fun stuff!
  • Group classes to suit every style
  • Virtual workouts
  • HYPOXI – low impact weight loss programme using advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition
  • Fernwood-exclusive FIIT30 sessions + FIITRIGHT sessions*
  • Experienced and passionate PTs, Food Coaches and Fitness Trainers*


  • Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • World-first wellness programs, including Empower*
  • Mental Health First Aid trained staff in-club

Bonus perks

  • Fernwood Freedom Pass – get unlimited access to all clubs nationalwide and train when and where it’s convenient for you
  • Safe and secure women’s only environment
  • 24/7 access to many Fernwood clubs
  • Sparkling clean change rooms and amenities
  • Hair products, hair dryers and straighteners
  • Free breakfast every morning (subject to government restrictions)
  • Childcare services to watch your little ones (available in most clubs)*
  • And much more.

**Paid programs and services


Fernwood Pulse

Fernwood Pulse has been designed to help you integrate fitness and wellness with your lifestyle, so you can workout when it suits you.
  • Online home workouts with your favourite Fernwood trainers
  • Virtual yoga and meditations
  • Meditation and mindset assistance
  • Hundreds of nutritious recipes
  • Online chat with our Fernwood food and fitness coach
All Fernwood members get free access to Fernwood Pulse as part of their membership to offer a balance between gym life and home time. Login below to get started!
Fernwood Pulse

Get started

Every woman joins Fernwood to find the health, fitness and wellness journey that matters to them. We’d love to welcome you to our community of 80,000 strong, supportive and seriously incredible women, who have chosen Fernwood to be their place for fitness, wellness and health.

Get in touch and start your journey with Fernwood.