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We’re all looking for a ‘gym near me’, for convenience and commitment, so once you’ve found your local Fernwood gym, the next thing you need to look up is the timetable to find FIITRIGHT. We’ve all heard about the incredible benefits and results linked to high intensity interval training (HIIT), that’s why Fernwood has created FIITRIGHT – the supportive sister of FIIT30, which focuses on interval training in a guided session for women looking to build foundations of strength and functional movement.

FIITRIGHT has all the benefits of FIIT30 – small group training, experienced personal trainers, full body workouts – at a slightly lighter pace to support you to learn technique, form and posture, and ease into the exercises that are right for you. Our dedicated FIITRIGHT personal trainers will support you and offer variations to workouts to cater to your goals and fitness level.

  1. 30-minute full body workouts
  2. Build foundations of strength
  3. Improve functional movement
  4. Ideal for beginners and women recovering from injuries
  5. Small group sessions with women of a similar fitness level
  6. Sessions led by highly skilled and supportive instructors
  7. A variety of equipment to support your fitness level
  8. Heart rate results displayed live in class

FIITRIGHT is a great option for women who have taken some time away from training, and would like to ease back into their workouts.

FIITRIGHT sessions can be purchased in-club. Want a little more info? Come and speak to us at reception – you know we love a chat! Not available in all clubs.

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