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Our Fernwood Food & Mood program is about learning how diet can impact our mental wellbeing, changes we can make to support weight loss and management and wellbeing for women, principles of Mediterranean diet for achieving long-term, sustainable results for optimum health and wellbeing, and getting the advice and support you want in a safe women’s only environment. Our Fernwood Food & Mood program incorporates mindset, motivation and most importantly delicious healthy food as the foundations for success. Our program, launched in 2020, aims to support women on their health and/or weight management journey for sustainable, long-term results. Did you know, what you eat can impact how you think & feel? Combining Mediterranean eating principles with powerful mindset and behavioural coaching, Fernwood’s Food & Mood program is for women who want healthy and sustainable results. This program can facilitate your personal development, including how you think and feel about yourself and your food, as well giving you practical nutrition tools, recipe plans and recipes for your desired results. Perhaps you will join Food & Mood to work on your relationship with food or maybe you have a specific weight management goal, or like many of our members, you have an interest and enthusiasm for health and wellbeing and you’re looking to make positive changes in these areas of your life.

Food & Mood benefits

A few of the benefits of our Food & Mood program:
  • Receive guidance in setting and achieving your health and weight loss goals
  • Feel supported on your journey towards sustainable results
  • Work on your relationship with yourself and food
  • Identify and manage potential barriers to success
  • Nourish your body and nurture your mind
  • Increase mindfulness and explore the benefits of meditation

Food & Mood program inclusion

When you join the program, you’ll get to experience:
  • Weekly workshops and online content
  • Mindset and mindfulness activities
  • Calming and educational meditations
  • Delicious and nutritious recipe plans and nutrition task lists to follow each week
  • Comprehensive program journal to keep you on track to success every step of the way.
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