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Exercising in 30 minutes

Working out doesn’t always have to be long to reap its benefits – engaging in 30 minutes of moderate intensity workouts regularly can help you stay healthy, fit and strong.

Aside from weight management and overall fitness, exercise can help with your heart health, boost your mood, memory, self- confidence, increase your productivity and manage your stress. So basically, we know it’s good for us to keep up a regular fitness routine.

So, how can I maximise exercise in 30 minutes?

Plan your workouts

Some people have very busy schedules and they can only allocate a short amount of time to squeeze in a quick workout. Planning your workout program before going to the gym will save a lot of time thinking about what exercise you will do next. It also makes for an efficient and productive workout session when you come prepared, and helps to monitor progress.

Try HIIT or circuit training

Engaging in high intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training is a great way to burn loads of calories and boost your overall fitness within a short amount of time. The fast pace of these types of workouts challenges all of your muscles in one go. Even after your session, you can often still feel the workout for hours after, making it a good choice when you want a quick workout.

Stay focused

If you have a workout plan prepared, make sure to pay attention to your program. Distractions like looking at your phone after every set or chatting to your gym friends can keep you from being productive during your exercise sessions and staying focused.

Join our group classes

If you like working out in a group that can help you push through and conquer your exercises, join in a Fernwood class. Being in a group can motivate you and make your gym sessions more fun and enjoyable. Here at Fernwood, we have classes like FIIT30, cycle, Reformer Pilates, BodyPump and many more that are designed for improving women’s health and fitness all in under 30 minutes (some classes may go a little longer – check your local timetable).


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