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30-minute HIIT session

HIIT workouts are ideal not just for their endless benefits, but for their convenience and time-efficiency. In a recent blog article, we looked at whether you can do HIIT workouts at home – to summarise the blog, you absolutely can!

Our Fernwood Pulse library of workouts is a great resource for those sweat sessions at home. Grab your towel and water bottle and try out one of our favourite virtual HIIT workouts with Amanda!

HIIT with Amanda from Cairnlea

Get your heart rate soaring with Amanda’s 30-minute high-intensity interval session. Simply login to your member-exclusive Fernwood Pulse account to access the virtual session any time, anywhere.

When you’re ready to go, hit the play button and get ready for a fast and fantastic workout.

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Drop us a line in the form below or click here to find your local club, so you can enjoy the perfect balance between gym life and home time. All Fernwood members can take advantage of Fernwood Pulse at-home workouts, recipes and more as part of their membership.

If you don’t have a local club, you can still access this exclusive content with a Fernwood Pulse Membership where you can check out online home workouts at any time, including yoga and Pilates classes, meditation sessions, ab workouts – the list goes on!

With Fernwood Pulse, you can exercise whenever, wherever. Explore our range of classes and find out what works best for you and your lifestyle.


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