It all started with a woman who wanted to lift weights...

It was a simple idea, curated by Diana Williams. She nurtured the gym for women concept, and carved out a space for women to exercise with confidence. That simple idea blossomed from one boutique gym into the national health, fitness and wellness clubs women love, with 72+ locations all around Australia, the best personal trainers and nutrition coaches specialising in women’s health and fitness, and all the little touches that make Fernwood a haven for women.

We adore lifting heavy weights – no, lifting weights does not make you ‘bulky’, and yes, it does make you fitter, stronger and toned. We dance (like nobody’s watching) in group fitness classes, get extra sweaty in FIIT30 sessions, talk a little too much to our friends while we’re on the treadmill (and bike, rower and cross-trainer…oops), sip on lattes in the lounge, and show off our new activewear on the gym floor.

Our bodies get flexy and stretchy in reformer Pilates, we move with intention in yoga (sometimes we just roll around too), and we slow all the way down in mindful meditations. We take the odd gym selfie flexing our muscles, meet friends for post-workout breaky, get some me-time while the kids have a little too much fun at the gym creche, take advantage of the hair straighteners (and all the beautiful products!), and feel completely at home in a space designed exclusively just for us.

Fernwood. For women.

Ready to get started?