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PMS, PCOS & PMDD: Let’s talk about menstruation and women's health

As many of our listeners know, it’s Women’s Health Week this week! Organised by the incredible team at Jean Hailes, Women’s Health Week focuses on how we can take preventative action to safeguard our health, providing tips and information on maintaining healthy lifestyles, encouraging women to better understand their health and wellbeing, and inspiring women to put themselves first – at least every once in a while!

That’s why we were thrilled to invite AFLW player and all-round incredible woman Libby Birch to our podcast. The theme of Women’s Health Week today is all about periods, puberty, menopause and the transitional stages in a woman’s life. It’s time to shine a brighter light on these important topics and ensure women and girls alike understand what is happening in their bodies. One topic of particular interest is polycystic ovaries.

Polycystic ovaries – often referred to as PCOS – can cause a range of different symptoms, from weight loss and gain to fertility issues and potentially even mental health impacts. According to Jean Hailes 2021, PCOS affects about 8-13% of women of reproductive age. Libby was diagnosed with PCOS in 2019, and with PMDD in early 2020.

An elite athlete, who requires peak physical fitness and concentration to perform on the field, Libby speaks candidly about the impacts PCOS and PMDD have had on her life and career, how she manages her symptoms, and why she’ll stop mid-game to re-tie her shoelaces.

We can’t wait for you to tune in! Listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, by searching for Fernwood.

More about season 2

On the first Friday of each month, we'll be releasing our much-loved Pod Coach podcasts, where you can tune in and do a workout led by Fernwood Fitness Personal Trainer Lisa. These are targeted workouts to support women through proper technique, while also boosting motivation.

Every Tuesday throughout the month (with the exception of the first Tuesday of the month 😊), we’ll be releasing ‘how to quick tips’ on popular fitness, wellness and nutrition topics. These podcasts are around 5-10 minutes and discuss popular topics from how to get a firmer booty, to how to sleep better, and how to improve your gut health, just to name a few.

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