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How to add more positivity to your day

We could all use a little more positivity in our day – a little more spring in our step. Gratitude, acts of kindness and self-care are like little espresso shots of positivity we can integrate in our every day lives, and often don’t require much effort at all! Just a smile and kind word – to others and ourselves.

Whether you’re a glass half empty or glass overflowing kind of person, this quick tip podcast from wellness expert Emma is a must-listen. She touches on the benefits positivity can bring to our lives, and 5 ways to bring more positivity to your day. 

Learn to harness more positivity in just 5 minutes with this quick tip. Tune into the Fernwood Podcast and listen to another fabulous episode. Simply search for Fernwood Shine on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, click download, and listen in.

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