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Creating healthy relationships with food

Chocolate, red wine and striking food balance: How to create healthy relationships with food

How would you describe your relationship with food? Do you label foods as good and bad? Do you reward good behaviour with treats for the top shelf?

This week on the podcast, we chat with Food Coach Kate Cox about ousting the good and bad food labels to create healthier relationships with food. She delves into making better food choices, simple swaps, and her thoughts around consuming chocolate and red wine – we were super excited about this segment! Also, how to get around those sneaky cravings!

For all the mums out there, this episode also discusses our little fussy eaters. We know Brussel’s sprouts in particular never go down overly well, but sometimes it’s difficult to reason with your children about why they should be eating a big plate of veggies rather than pizza. Kate shares tactics for introducing new foods, along with her top tips for bulking out their fruit and veg intake.

Tune into the Fernwood Podcast and listen to another fabulous episode. Simply search for Fernwood Shine on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, click download, and listen in.

Food & Mood

If you’d like to know more about protein sources, how much you should be consuming (portion control), how foods impact your mood, and which foods are best for your gut health, chat to your Fernwood club about our newly launched Food & Mood program, designed for long-term and sustainable health and wellbeing.

Find out more about Food & Mood.


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