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Tis the season for self care

Hello December, we’re not sure how you got here so quickly but it’s lovely to see you, the sunshine, smoothie bowls and summer nights. ‘Tis the season for celebrations and doing things that make us happy.

Along with the joy and good (mostly) good weather, it can also be a bit of a chaotic time of year, with events, family commitments, work deadlines and wrapping up the year. It’s important that you make time for yourself and stay tuned into what your mind and body need.

Start your week with a few fun and festive themed activities. From workouts and relaxing your mind, to yummy food ideas and practicing gratitude, we hope every day of December brings a new and exciting day.

Day 1: Make time to meditate

Sit down, turn off your phone, and take time out to breathe deeply. Block out the world around you, and focus on calming your mind.

Day 2: Get sweaty in FIIT30

Looking for a workout that makes you sweat, but is over in just 30 minutes? From squats and skipping to kettle bell swings and pumping iron, these Our FIIT30 (HIIT) sessions target all of your major muscle groups.  From young mums to retirees, these sessions are open to women of all fitness levels. Plus, you have the benefit of working out in a small group environment, with the support of a qualified personal trainer.

Find out more about FIIT30.

Day 3. Start a gratitude jar

Find a spare jar or pot, and every day, write down something you’re grateful for, and pop it in the jar. At the end of the month, take some time to reflect on all the things you were grateful for.

Day 4. Walk 5,000 steps

Time for some cardio by warming up those legs and glutes and hitting 5,000 steps. You can track this through your Fernwood App!

Day 5: Enjoy a dip

Light some scented candles, run a warm bath, and simply relax, or if it’s nice and warm where you are, perhaps a cooling dip in the ocean to wake up the senses.

Day 6: Take a yoga class

Yoga has so many wonderful benefits, such as improving your strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing, just to name a few. Yoga is available at many of our Fernwood Fitness clubs, so check out your local club’s group fitness timetable to see when it’s on.

Day 7: Make a Mediterranean meal

It’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for some Mediterranean-inspired cooking. Find some yummy recipes in Fernwood Pulse. And while you’re here, try this delicious breakfast smoothie recipe.


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