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How to stay on track these holidays

The holiday season can often mean disruption to our daily routine – our home cooked meals, sleeping patterns and exercise regime. But it also brings with it plenty of fun social events, quality time with our friends and family, and great food. If you’re struggling with enjoying the silly season but also keeping in line with your current fitness goals, keep reading as we share our top tips for conquering this time of year.

1. Strike a balance

The festive season is a great reminder to have balance in life and embrace these celebrations wholeheartedly. Enjoy festive food without guilt, knowing that you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle most of the time. If you can’t attend your regular four Zumba classes a week due to a jam-packed social calendar, that’s okay. Schedule in classes when you can. For example, if you’re usually an after-work gym-goer, try to squeeze in a morning session here and there, or even a lunch time class if time permits.

2. Mix up your exercise

If your routine has changed, change with it. If you’re lucky enough to be spending time by a beach, take advantage of your surroundings and go for a morning run along the sand, or practice some yoga or join in some of our outdoor classes and bootcamps. Move your body in whichever way feels good for you on that day. A leisurely walk after dinner with friends never feels like a chore. Resistance bands are also a great hack to pack, ensuring an effective workout anywhere, anytime.

3. Stay hydrated with H20

People often underestimate the value of drinking water to our overall health. While a lot of things might be out of your control, you can always keep a water bottle with you. Especially with the weather heating up, aim to drink about two litres of water a day to stay hydrated. Add some cucumber slices and mint leaves for a refreshing infusion.

4. Find a food balance

Enjoy a slice of pavlova or the Christmas pudding your aunt made! Being overly restrictive with our diet can often lead to poor choices and binging later. Try and eat intuitively, listening to your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals. Balance out the pavlova with fresh fruit and nuts, and aim to have a serve of protein and vegetables with every meal. If you’re in charge of some of the cooking, add one of these delicious and healthier recipes into the mix.

5. Self-care

It can be easy to become burnt out between all the social events, family commitments and the lack of sleep. Prioritise taking time out for you, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day before the kids wake up. Read a book, do some stretches, take a bath, pop a face mask on, meditate or call a friend for a chat. Re-charging our own batteries allows us to be present and enjoy these times with others.

While everyone has different goals and feelings around the holiday season, we hope implementing some of these tips can make it a little more relaxing and enjoyable for you.


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