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How do I get motivated to workout in winter?

Maintaining your regular exercise routine can feel harder in winter than the warmer months. When it’s cold and dark, it’s hard to get up and out of that toasty warm bed – and who can’t relate to that?

Next time you’re weighing up the pros and cons of staying in bed and missing your workout, try these ways to get motivated and embrace the morning.

  1. Dress for the weather 
    Whether training indoors or outdoors, having the right clothing on can make a world of difference. Try long sleeve tops instead of singlets, or if you’re heading out for a run, throw on a hoodie, leggings, gloves and maybe even a beanie.
  2. Move your phone away from your bed
    Once you’ve set your morning alarm, place your phone away from your bed. Physically having to get up and out of bed will wake you up and make snoozing that much harder!
  3. Get a workout buddy or book a personal training session
    Those tempting thoughts of sleeping in will be less easy to give in to when you know your bestie is waiting for you in the dark. Keep each other accountable, or book in with a personal trainer, so your workout is locked in.
  4. Be real with your goals 
    Setting realistic and achievable goals will keep you motivated and ready to go. Make progress at your own pace and work up to the bigger things you want to do. It’ll be easier to get out of bed, and you’ll feel great too.
  5. Give yourself a little treat to look forward to after 
    Love a coffee? Allow yourself a café latte, or maybe you can’t resist a Danish every now and then… Whatever your pleasure, treat yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for a workout well done.
  6. Be kind to yourself 
    If you do happen to stay in bed, don’t beat yourself up. There’s always tomorrow morning, and hey, we’re only human. It’s important for your rest and recovery to get enough sleep, so staying in bed isn’t always such a bad thing.

Ready to build your healthy winter exercise habits? Put these into action and feel the benefits inside and out! A healthy diet in winter is just as important as a regular exercise routine, so login to your Fernwood Pulse account to access yummy recipes, or join Fernwood now for recipes, workouts, eBooks and more…


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