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“Lifting weight will make me look bulky” is a phrase heard all too often when it comes to hitting the gym. We chatted with Fernwood Fitness Personal Trainer Bella to bust this myth, and a few other common exercise misconceptions. Keep reading, or watch the video below.

1. Lifting weights makes women bulky

"Any women that are considered ‘bulky’ put years and years of conscious effort and thousands and thousands of calories into looking that way. So don’t be afraid to lift weights, it’s simply going to help shape and tone your body. Build yourself some curves."

2. You can spot reduce fat

"In order to reduce body fat, you need to use both resistance and cardio and target your entire body, not just certain areas."

3. Cardio = fat loss

"Cardio is a great tool for fat loss but it isn’t necessarily better than lifting weights. By lifting weights, you are targeting muscles, you’re strengthening, you’re toning, you’re creating shape in your body and by adding cardio on top of that, you’re going to contribute to your total daily energy expenditure."

4. Not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout

"If you don’t feel sore after a workout, that doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t a great workout. It could just mean that you were doing movements that are more familiar to your body. So if you’re adding different stimulus or trying a whole new workout or exercise, then you might feel sore, but if you don’t feel sore it doesn’t mean the workout wasn’t great."

5. The more you workout, the better

"Not necessarily. If you’re coming in every day and smashing yourself in the gym, lifting heavy weights, then you might not be giving your body adequate time to recover, which could mean that you’re not actually lifting with your optimum technique and your maximum weight. So listening to your body, and making sure you give yourself time to recover is really important. I would think three to four times a week is a great amount of time to workout."

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