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Having someone to spot you as you squat, run alongside you on the treadmill, and share your achievements with you are just a few of the many benefits of training with a bestie. Not only that, they can be a real motivator, as we are often less likely to cancel when our workout buddy is waiting for us. 

Having a great group of friends is beneficial for our wellbeing; friends can form a great support network, be there for a laugh or cry, and motivate us to head in the right direction. Here are just a few of the benefits of finding a friend to hit the gym with.

They’ll keep you motivated

Everyone needs a little motivation and the best person for that is someone who is in the same frame of mind as you. A friend that picks you up and encourages you to push yourself and stick to your goals is a friend worth having. They motivate you to head to the gym, instead of heading home. Plus, it’s harder to bail on a workout when you have it locked in with a friend. Working out together will also encourage you to become a motivator for your friend; if you see her struggling it will push you to encourage her to keep going.

You’ll push yourself harder

Working out with a friend always encourages a little healthy competition. You will naturally push yourself that bit harder to keep up – or even beat her! This gentle competition may help you both to reach your goals quicker. Together you can see the progress you're both making, and use that as a driving force to keep pushing.

You’ll enjoy your workout more

Let’s be honest, sometimes binging the latest TV show on Netflix can seem much more appealing than working out. But when you’ve got a workout buddy, working out can be a lot of fun – and harder to get out of! You can smash out a workout together and have a chat while doing it. Plus, when you’re enjoying a workout with someone else, time often appears to move much quicker! Maybe it’s the workout, or perhaps all that chatting about the latest episode of The Bachelor. No matter, time is flying and you’re getting fitter!

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