6 reasons to start stair sprints 6 reasons to start stair sprints

Want a tight tush and a bootylicious behind? The secret to a divine derriere lies in a set of stairs.

Explosive, fast and strength based – stair runs get results fast! Doing stair runs several times a week will develop the muscles of the calves, upper legs, and butt, not to mention the cardiovascular improvements that come with it. Here are the top six reasons you should make stair runs part of your routine.

1. Tones your trouble spots

Stair climbing gives the lower body an amazing workout, strengthening and shaping our most common problem areas, like thighs, butts, hips and tummies. Throw in a set of push-ups and triceps dips on the stairs, and you’ve got yourself a full body workout.

2. Improves your fitness

Running up stairs is tough; it challenges your aerobic and anaerobic systems, helping you to rapidly improve your cardiovascular fitness. So if you want to improve your 5km run time or your cycling speed, look no further than a set of steps.

3. Boosts your metabolism

Any activity that gets your heart rate up will raise your metabolism not only during, but for several hours after you finish, and research suggests even short bursts of high intensity exercise are beneficial... another reason to choose the stairs over the escalator at every opportunity.

4. Improves your bone strength

Like all weight bearing exercises, walking up stairs helps improve bone density – an absolute must in your formative years to ward off age-related bone conditions, like osteoporosis.

5. Helps you lose weight

If you’re harbouring a few extra festive kilos, stairs are the way to go. Stair climbing leverages gravity, so the heavier we are, the more weight we’re forced to push up, and the more kilojoules we’ll burn. If you weigh 68kg you'll burn up to 300kJ in 10 minutes, but if you weigh 81kg you could burn 360kJ in the same amount of time.

6. You can do it anywhere

The great thing about stairs is they’re everywhere! If you’re lucky you’ll find a set right in your very own home, but otherwise you won’t have to look far: offices, train stations, stadiums, bridges, and shopping centres are usually a good provider of stairs. Ditto to hotels, meaning you can take your workout away with you!

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