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Personal Training

Tailored workouts & targeted advice

It’s no surprise that personal training sessions are one of our most popular services – rivalled by our FIIT30 sessions – when you consider all the benefits of one-on-one tailored training with a women’s health and fitness expert. You walk into the gym, you’re greeted by your favourite trainer, ready to do a workout that has been tailor designed exclusively for you to meet your fitness goals, PLUS, she monitors your progress so she know when to push you most.

Your personal trainer is there with you for every wall sit, crunch and burpee – although she is the reason you’re sweating through those exercises so it’s only fair she’s there to cheer you on.

  • Personalised workouts designed to meet your goals
  • Strong and sustainable results
  • Expert advice on technique and form
  • Motivation to keep you accountable and committed
  • Build up confidence and try new things

So if you want a personalised workout, improve your form and technique, are looking to learn new exercises, or need someone to spot and support you in strength training – another Fernwood favourite – then personal training is for you. Fernwood personal training is designed to give our members the best, targeted results in shorter timeframe that is sustainable long-term. 

Our one-on-one PT sessions are 30 minutes, with a strength training focus that will offer an all-over workout. Your personal trainer will get to know you and develop a program specific to your health, fitness and goals. There is more to fitness than weights and cardio, so our trainers will also make recommendations on our range of yoga, Pilates, and wellness classes, as well as group fitness classes.

We all want to see training results, so your personal trainer will continuously update your fitness plan to reflect new personal bests, new challenges and new goals, to keep you on your toes. Our personal trainers are qualified, certified, experienced and familiar with the latest in women’s health and fitness.

Personal Training sessions can be purchased in-club. Want a little more info? Come and speak to us at reception – you know we love a chat! Not available in all clubs.

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