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How to stay healthy this flu season

Winter is well and truly here, and with the colder weather comes cold and flu season.

Preventing the spread of germs is especially important in gyms, workplaces, and spaces where we’re close to one another such as public transport and shopping centres – but what can we do to fight the flu? Although it’s not always avoidable, we sure can try…

Top tips for staying healthy in flu season

  1. Get your flu shot! Visit your GP to discuss whether you’re eligible for the flu shot and any risks they may see, but generally most are fine to get it. As the predominant flu stains change every year, it’s best to get one each year just before the start of the flu season so the vaccine’s greatest efficacy is protecting you at the peak of flu season.
  2. Regularly wash or sanitise hands. If you’ve been out and about or are at the office touching things, wash your hands when you get home and before eating. Don’t have access to a bathroom? Use hand sanitiser instead to keep those germs away.
  3. Eat right and exercise. Visit your local Fernwood club and get that workout in! Keep a healthy diet full of immune boosting fruit and veg such as berries, leafy greens, ginger and more.
  4. Wipe down commonly used surfaces and items. This includes your phone, keyboard, mouse, the list goes on… Basically, you want to be regularly sanitising any shared surface.
  5. Avoid stress and get enough sleep. Stress can be extremely damaging to the immune system, as can lack of sleep. Try a yoga or Pilates class, or a meditation session if you’re feeling stressed, and have an early night if you’re feeling tired.

In the case that you do unfortunately come down with the flu, it’s important to stay home and rest. Not just so you don’t get others sick, but to give yourself time to rest and recover. Sleep is the best thing you can do for your body when unwell, so if you’ve got the sniffles – take a nap!

It’s also important to eat well and get lots of nutrients. If you’re a Fernwood member, login to your Fernwood Pulse account to access lots of yummy and healthy recipes such as flu-busting soups, or join now to access our extensive recipe library.


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