Which bread is best Which bread is best

Not all bread is evil. Despite contrary belief, bread can play a delicious and satiating role in a well-balanced diet. But not all bread is created equal. Is your sandwich tiptop? Here’s our guide to the loaves that rise above.


Steer clear of the white stuff! White bread offers little to no nutritional benefit. White bread is made from white flour that has been ground and refined by stripping off the outer layer, where the fibre is located. The more refined a food, the quicker our body is able to digest it – meaning we’re likely to experience a hunger surge again soon.


Kids can be fussy eaters, so if you’re looking for the next best alternative to white bread, opt for wholemeal. Unlike white bread, wholemeal is jam packed with fibre, nutrients, vitamins and minerals because it’s made from the bran, the germ and the endosperm portions of the grain. However, when selecting wholemeal bread, don’t simply rely on the colour; always check the ingredients to ensure that it contains wholemeal flour so you know you’re getting the best quality for you and your family.


With added grains for extra nutritional value, this is a great option for health conscious individuals. With almost four times as much fibre as white bread and a lower GI, this bread will fill you up and keep you going for longer.

Dark Rye

High in fibre and protein with a low GI, this is the pick of the bunch for those who want to reduce their carb intake but still wanting to enjoy bread. The high protein quota makes it a known weight loss aid, as it helps to keep you feeling full for longer by slowly releasing energy to keep you going throughout the day.

Spelt bread

Commonly found in health food shops, spelt bread is becoming more and more popular on supermarket shelves, and it’s a great solution for those wanting to reduce gluten in their diets. With a nutty flavour, spelt bread is easily digestible and is often recommended for those who suffer from wheat intolerances. The high levels of niacin found in spelt bread are said to help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol, making it a good choice for those with cardiovascular conditions.


Made from naturally fermented dough occurring from the yeast and bacteria in the flour, it’s naturally lower in sugar, full of healthy gut-boosting bacteria to aid digestion, and has a longer shelf life than other breads. It’s our go-to brekkie option when pairing with eggs and grilled veggies.

Mountain bread

Mountain bread has been around for thousands of years and is a great substitute to traditional loaves. This ‘bread’ is the selection for those who want to reduce their carb intake, as it's flat and lightweight, so it’s perfect for making healthy wraps, tarts and homemade pizzas.

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