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Have you heard of Empower?

Our next Empower Online program for women's wellbeing starts on 25 May! You can learn more about Empower here.

Burnout, stress, anxiety – these are three things many women are doing their best to manage every day. We feel tired yet restless, and always have a mile-long to-do list that only seems to get longer and longer. Now more than ever, it’s vital that we stop, take a deep breath and focus on self-care.

To support women’s health during this time, we have moved our Empower program online to provide the full 6-week program in a digital environment where women from around Australia can come together to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, meditate, support one another and stay connected.

National Program Facilitator Emma says the Empower program was designed exclusively for women to provide techniques, tools and support for the many women dealing with stress, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues on a daily basis.

“We’ve always seen the value in exercising our bodies for overall health and fitness, but now, more than ever, we’re seeing a positive conscious shift across the fitness industry towards wellness and in particular the body-mind-soul connection,” Emma says.

“We are living in a time where stress and anxieties have never been more prevalent. This has brought to light a greater understanding and acknowledgement that overall long-term health relies as much on mental wellness as it does on physical fitness.”

Fernwood’s Empower Online is a comprehensive 6-week wellness program that supports women on their personal wellbeing journey, whatever that means to them.

Women join for different reasons, but each leave positively equipped to support their own wellbeing through the understanding and management of stress and anxiety, the creation of values-based goals and desires as well as self-acceptance practices of loving kindness.

Meditation, mindfulness, motivation and more. Empower Online is what we like to call wellness for the modern woman.

Each week has a different theme and activities to support women to identify sources of stress, anxiety and burnout. But that’s not all. Empower is built around foundations of discovering self-love and care, creating connections with other people, mindfulness and the simple joys of practicing gratitude.

“By focusing on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, growth mindset and self-care practices such as gratitude and loving kindness, we are empowered to move closer to a true sense of self, which in turn helps us better manage stress, anxiety and burnout; three of the most common wellbeing vampires women face today,” says Emma. 

“Empower is not just a series of wellbeing workshops, it also includes meditation and yoga practices as a way to invite more mindfulness into the participant’s experience. The benefits of meditation and yoga for emotional and mental wellbeing are well-known, especially the role both practices play in calming the stress response system.”

Sign up for Empower Online here.

Empower is a program created uniquely for Fernwood in conjunction with Deakin University and although it is based on scientific principles of mental health and psychology, Empower is by no means a therapy program. It is a coaching program designed to support and guide participants without judgement and without giving biased advice.

The content in this blog is for general information only. It does not take into consideration your personal or health conditions. Always consult your GP, medical specialist, or mental health specialist, for health-related advice.

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