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Must-have workout wardrobe essentials

Having the perfect workout wardrobe can make a world of difference to your fitness routine. We love hitting the gym for our health and wellness, and while fitting in a workout isn’t about putting on a fashion show, investing in comfortable and cute pieces can give you a confidence boost as well as ensuring you’re on track to hit your fitness goals.

The supportive sports bra
Now this one is super important. Supporting your bust takes care of muscle tissue and prevents pain while working out. If you’re wondering how to fit a sports bra, first check that the band is snug, but not too tight – you don’t want it digging into your skin or leaving marks. There’s nothing worse than a sports bra that’s too tight or not supportive enough. Check that the cups fit around your bust without any gaping or overflowing material.

Whatever your workout, you want your sports bra supporting you along every step of the way.

The quality gym shoes
Having the right gym shoe ensures you’re ready to get your sweat on, as well as protecting you from common injuries by cushioning your step, feet and ankles. Depending on your workout of choice, you might choose to get a pair specifically for running – or if you like to change it up, try a pair of cross trainers which are versatile and ideal for anything from strength training to cycling.

With so many different designs and colours available, there’s something for every style!

The high-waisted leggings
Not only are they perfect for all workout types, but they also go with everything! Whether you’re getting down for a yoga class or getting some steps in on the treadmill, you’ll feel comfortable, supported and confident in a pair of high-waisted leggings. Some brands are now even releasing period-proof leggings for extra confidence while working out when menstruating.

The fitness watch
Not only stylish, but very functional. Keep track of your goals, heart rate, steps and more with a fitness watch or tracker. Choose from understated designs or something a bit more blingy with rose gold, gold or silver options available. The best thing about them? You don’t have to keep them confined to the gym! Wear them out and about wherever your day takes you.

The hoodie
Everyone loves a comfy hoodie, especially in winter. Having a warm layer to wear to and from, and even during your workout, will make it easier to get your body moving in cooler weather while being a convenient and easy option to throw on over your singlet or t-shirt. They’re also a great option when running to the shops or picking up the kids from sport. Grab a hoodie in multiple colours to suit your mood and schedule!

Investing in high-quality activewear can feel like a big commitment, but it will make a huge difference to your fitness routine. Your gym pieces will last longer, you’ll feel more comfortable during your workout, and who doesn’t love the pop of confidence from wearing your favourite gym outfit?

Check out all the classes we offer and plan your next workout outfit around your class, or click here to start your Fernwood Fitness journey!


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