How do I get motivated to work out in the morning?

Have you ever promised yourself an early morning workout only to find yourself hitting the snooze button instead? We’ve all been there and getting motivated in the morning can be especially challenging (winter, we’re looking at you…).

If you’re seeking inspiration for early morning exercise or contemplating a shift from afternoon workouts to the AM routine, you’re in the right place.

Stay on track – how to find motivation for morning workouts

Prepare your gym bag the night before
Streamline your morning routine by packing your gym bag the night before. Gather your workout essentials and anything else you might need, leaving you with a swift exit in the morning.

Organise your workout attire
Building on the previous point, ensure your workout gear is readily available and your outfit chosen. Having your clothes prepared can save precious minutes, allowing you to sneak in a few more moments of rest.

Opt for personal training
Stay motivated and committed by scheduling a PT session. The accountability to your trainer and the fear of cancelling may help keep you on track and honour your commitment.

Get a workout buddy
If PT is not for you or outside of your budget, the fear of cancelling on your gym bestie is another terrific way to keep you on track and committed. Plus, you can get a cheeky coffee or brunch together after your sweat sesh to make your day that extra bit brighter!

Prioritise a good night’s sleep
Quality sleep is crucial for overall wellbeing and energy levels. If you have an early morning workout planned, try going to bed half an hour earlier. As you make it a habit, starting your day will become increasingly seamless.

Set realistic plans
If your chosen start time feels a tad too early, consider pushing it back to allow yourself some breathing room. Opting for shorter morning workouts ensures you still reap the benefits of movement without sacrificing precious sleep.

Establish a consistent wake-up time
Consistency is key – waking up at the same time every day helps create a routine. While you may not feel like a morning person initially, with time, it’ll become second nature.

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