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Exercises for stronger glutes

Tips & exercises for stronger glutes

Let’s cut straight to it, here are 5 exercises for stronger glutes to try out in your workouts at Fernwood this week, plus ways to enhance these if you’ve already got them in your routine! There is a mix of high and low impact exercises depending on your fitness level, ability and goals.

  1. Squats – of course
  2. Lunges
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Glute bridges – one of our favs
  5. Fire hydrants

Always chat to a personal trainer before trying new exercises to ensure correct form and technique 😊


Using a resistance band can enhance your squats and give you an additional challenge by putting your muscles under more tension, whilst adding additional load and resistance. This allows for more muscle activation during the move which of course means more strength and muscle in the glutes!


Elevating your front leg on a box or step during a lunge will encourage your body to stay in a stationary positioning, therefore allowing direct focus on strengthening and building the glutes. The additional range and depth achieved through this elevation also allows for a deeper activation and target of the glutes.


Try a single leg deadlift as opposed to a normal deadlift. This move is performed with one leg extended directly back, almost parallel to the ground. This single leg movement forces the glutes to work harder to stay balanced, therefore encouraging more activation and engagement.

Glute bridge

Try a single leg glute bridge by raising one leg up off the ground while performing the move. This forces the leg on the ground to do the work both the legs would usually achieve, meaning a whole lot more challenge and activation of the glutes.

Fire hydrant

Use a resistance band when performing your fire hydrants, to add additional pressure to the outer glutes (gluteus medius), therefore challenging them to work harder and strengthen quicker. You can also focus on your timing by holding at the top of the move, and then lowering down in a slow and controlled manner to increase the time that the muscles are under tension.

Personal Training

You don’t have to be a celeb to workout with the best personal trainers, as our Fernwood trainers are experts in women’s health and fitness. So if you want a personalised workout, to improve your form and technique, are looking to learn new exercises, or need someone to spot and support you in strength training, then personal training is for you. Fernwood personal training is designed to give our members the best, targeted results in shorter timeframe that is sustainable long-term.

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