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While it’s much too cold to think about pulling out the bikinis – unless you live in the warmer parts of Australia – it’s often said that summer bodies are built in winter. But it’s time to stop thinking about what you look like in a bikini, and start focusing on how you feel in one instead.

A bikini body, simply put, is any body wearing a bikini. When you walk along the beach during summer, you’ll notice the absence of that ‘perfect body’ often depicted in advertisements, and see more real women – women of all shapes and sizes, with stretch marks and cellulite and scars. 

Many of us often get a bit caught up with the number on the scales, rather than our overall health. So, as you start to think about summer, think about making a plan to build your summer mindset. Self-love plays a big part in self-confidence and can help you to feel more comfortable in the skin you’re in. 

Set mind and body goals

Many people use the approaching summer as a way to kick start their health and fitness routines. If this is how you find your motivation, great! Milestones are often a motivating way to start something new. Use this opportunity to set short and long-term goals, for both your mind and body. Planning to hit the gym three times a week? Amazing! How much time are you planning for meditation and mental wellbeing? Taking time to sooth the mind can often be just as important for improving overall health.

Celebrate the wins

Staying on track can be hard sometimes because, well, life happens. And that's okay! Rather than beating yourself up for the extra fries you enjoyed at brunch, celebrate the three times you went to the gym, or took the stairs instead of the lift. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting up each morning, being a nice person and getting through a tough week. Learn to celebrate the positive things you achieve and remember that life is about balance.

Remember, no body is perfect

Every body is different – that’s what makes us all so unique and special. There are women out there trying to gain weight, lose weight, get stronger, get faster, and switch off from their chaotic lives. Everyone has different goals, and that’s why every bikini body will look different. But we all have a bikini body. The important thing is to look for ways to feel more comfortable, confident and content with your own body, and focus on improving your overall health and wellbeing.

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