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Abs, butt and thighs workout

An easy to follow at home workout for abs, butt and thighs workout that will have  you stretching, strengthening and sweating. All you need is 30-minutes of your day to enjoy this workout either in the club at Fernwood, or from the comfort of home.

This popular workout comes from our popular Fernwood Pulse program. If you’re a Fernwood Fitness member, you can view this workout by logging in here: LOGIN

Not a member yet? No worries 😊

All Fernwood members get access to Fernwood Pulse as part of their membership to offer a balance between gym life and home time. But, if you’re not living close by to one of our beautiful clubs, you can still experience our empowering workouts from the comfort of home with a Fernwood Pulse Membership.

Our online home workouts on Fernwood Pulse include ab workouts (like this one above) HIIT, barre, boxing, yoga, Pilates, and more. Fernwood Pulse has been designed to help you integrate fitness and wellness with your lifestyle, so you can workout when it suits you.

Find out more here: FERNWOOD PULSE


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