Women's Health Week 2021
Women's Health Week 2021

Women's health - we know it's important

Every week is women’s health week at Fernwood Fitness, that’s why we are thrilled to sponsor Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week 2021 to ensure every woman and girl around Australia understands the importance of prioritising their health and wellbeing.

Organised by the incredible team at Jean Hailes, Women’s Health Week - held this year from September 6-10 - focuses on how we can take preventative action to safeguard our health, providing tips and information on maintaining healthy lifestyles, encouraging women to better understand their health and wellbeing, and inspiring women to put themselves first - at least every once in a while!

Workout with us

We would love to invite you to register for our move workout challenge on the first morning of Women’s Health Week - Monday 6 September at 7am (AEST) - where Fernwood Fitness will be livestreaming an empowering 30-minute aerobic workout, so you can start your week on the right foot.

This workout will be easy-to-follow, with modifications for all fitness levels and abilities. We can’t wait to see you all tune in to join us! If you can’t make it to the live session, don’t sweat it, as we will make the video available for the full day, so you can still enjoy the workout in the afternoon or evening.

You can register your interest for the workout right here.

And because Women’s Health Week is running for the following four days, we will also be sharing powerful podcasts, informative articles and personal stories on various topics of women’s health, and resources with recipes, workouts, expert information and more.

“If there’s one lesson that we can all take from the past year – and one that will help us to better support each other – is has been about finding ways to take better care of ourselves, big or small, and encouraging others to do the same.”


Women’s health is powerful stuff! You can find out more about Women’s Health Week right here.