Louise's secrets to 12 Week Challenge success

2017 National Winner Louise Brett admits after she hesitantly signed up to the 12 Week Challenge, she went home and had a panic attack.

“I didn’t think that I could do it and just felt that I was going to let everybody down,” she said.

But Louise took the challenge on and put four strategies in place that were the key to her success in losing 22kg and transforming her life.

“The first one was thinking that it’s not a 12 Week Challenge. It was just way too big and way too scary to think that I’m going to have to do this for three months. I told myself that it’s just one day, but that day had to meaningful, purposeful and I had to do my best.

“The second was to not compare myself to anyone else. There is always going to be someone who is fitter, faster and more flexible than me. Instead I was looking for people who inspired me and there were people at Fernwood in abundance who did that.

“The third one was to say yes to absolutely everything. At the beginning when my group food coach said “Louise will you stand up and talk to everybody,” I said yes. I was absolutely terrified but I did it. For somebody who has depression and anxiety, that’s a word that’s very difficult for me to say.

“The fourth point was to live with no regret. Don’t look back at the end of the 12 weeks and say I could of, I should of, I would of, if only. I had done too many diets and weight loss programs before, failed miserably every single time and beaten myself up. This time I couldn’t afford to fail so it was just a case of get to the end and do your best. When I stood on stage at the gala and I look back, I can say that I had no regrets whatsoever. Not one.

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