How the 12 Week Challenge changed Louise’s life

All it takes is 12 weeks to completely transform your life. Ask Louise Brett from Fernwood Petrie, the 12 Week Challenge 2017 National Winner.

Before the challenge, Louise was suffering from severe anxiety and depression, had spinal issues and her health and fitness was the lowest it’s ever been.

“A few years of not looking after myself mentally or physically took a toll,” she said.

“When I came back to the gym and went to the treadmill, I really struggled. It was definitely an eye opener for me, because I have never been that unfit in my life.”

Fast forward to the end of the challenge and Louise lost a huge 22kgs and is a new person, mind, body and soul.

“The 12 Week Challenge has given me the confidence to change things that I wasn’t particularly happy with,” Louise said.

“I’ve changed my job, my eating habits, the way that I work out and I’ve become a role model for my son.”

Just by looking at Louise you can see she has undergone an incredible physical transformation. Although she says it’s the changes to her mindset that have had the biggest impact.

“If people could see inside my head, they would be blown away. Not only mentally and physically am I a lot stronger, but I’m just so much more positive.” she said.

“Before the challenge I was such a negative person. I had lost all hope of ever getting better and feeling positive about life. That affects your family, relationships, people who you work with.

“Now I want to do things, I want to say yes, I want to embrace every beautiful thing life has to offer, and that’s not something that I would have ever done before.”

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