How 'Yomanda' became sweaty besties

Amanda and Yolanda or 'Yomanda' as they're known as at Fernwood Canberra City are self-proclaimed "sweaty besties."

"They share how working out with each other has helped them reach their health and fitness goals and do things they never believed they could do alone.

"Amanda and I have known each other through work for over 15 years. Fernwood has been a constant in our friendship," Yolanda says.

"We started going to the gym classes together. Now we do PT, group fitness classes, all the challenge workouts, heavy weight training and boot camps together," says Amanda.

"Working out with a buddy has changed the way I view workouts. Our strengths complement each other and motivation is shared. It is not just a workout but a social event," says Yolanda.

"I think you work harder. Just with someone to support you, you feel more accountable to train better to make the most effective use of your time. I still like my own time in the gym, but training with a buddy is a great way to change things up and keep it fresh," says Amanda.

"The gym can be a little intimidating and joining with a friend will be a great introduction to help you feel more comfortable. The hardest part of any class is walking through the door, so if you have someone to walk in with you, it might make it a little easier."

"It's a shared experience and we bring out the best side of each other. Fitness is my hobby, Fernwood is my extended family, health is my focus and I have a sweaty bestie for life," says Yolanda.

"I'm really happy with my health and fitness now. I train regularly, my diet, while not perfect, is so much better than it was. I set goals with my trainer so we can track progress and all of this results in me being a much happier and healthier person. I feel pretty lucky to be honest," says Amanda.

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