Tabatha: ‘In 7 months I lost 41kg’

Prior to having my children I was healthy; I played netball regularly. But during my two pregnancies I gained around 35-38kgs.

After the birth of my second child, I waited until I was given the all clear from my doctor, and then I headed off to Fernwood Melton. I met with Catrice, a Fernwood Fitness Coach. She helped me put together a 6 week exercise plan and gave me some information on what and how much I should be eating.

Setting goals

I continued to see Catrice every 6 weeks for a weigh in, measure and program. I’d set myself little goals on the way: weight goals, dresses size goals, weighing less than my husband (that was a big one for the confidence!) and of course I had those pre-pregnancy jeans to get back into!

The road to success

My diet played a huge role in my success, but I don't believe in diets. I just believe in eating well and getting off your butt.

People have asked me, ‘How did you do it?’ Let me tell you, I worked freaking hard! It hasn't just happened, I haven't just been lucky. I do my best to get to my amazing gym 5-6 times a week. I juggle this between being a mum and a wife. I squeeze in early mornings at Fernwood before the family wake up or when my hubby gets home from work in the afternoon. And then when kids are in bed, I head out for a walk!

I still give into temptation every now and again, but this just means I work extra hard at Fernwood the next day. You have to work hard for reward... It's that simple.

In 7 months I lost 41kg

I now weigh less than when I met my husband. I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved and I know I’m now a better role model for my children as well.

I couldn't have got to this point without the support of my amazing husband; he never once looked at me differently regardless of the weight gain. Of course, I wanted to get healthier for myself, but a big part of me wanted to be my best self for him as well.

There were lots of people that played role in my success and motivation: Catrice was also a constant source of support, praise and guidance; my cycle instructor, Sarah; my sister, who joined Fernwood with me initially and always praising my progress; and my brother, who reminded me I was "fat" whenever he felt the need – ahhh, brotherly love!

New goals

My goal now is to concentrate on toning and maintaining a healthy weight. I was a little slack with weights, tending to stick to cardio exercise, but now that I have lost all the weight I’m working on building strength. I’ve started Body Pump Classes and I have no doubt that Catrice will be a huge help in supporting me in reaching this goal!

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