How Fernwood helped Rhoda lose 33kg

Rhoda Buhse has lost an incredible 33kg since joining Fernwood Underwood in June 2016.

Motivation and guidance from her personal trainer Marita, the Underwood Food Coaching team and Fernwood’s Challenges is what she attributes her success to.

“When I first came to Fernwood I was nervous and uncomfortable in myself both physically and mentally. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle for my health but I didn’t know how to do it.

“On the outside I was the life of the party, people thought I was confident and happy. Inside I was screaming for change and incredibly unhappy about how much weight I had put on.

“I started Personal Training once a week and then joined the 2016 Summer Sculpt Challenge. It was the best decision!

“Food Coaching and the support from the Fernwood staff and members on the Challenge kept me motivated and I lost 11kg. I continued attending the gym and was feeling more confident - everyone was welcoming and I didn’t feel judged. I felt encouraged.

“I joined the 12 Week Challenge in February 2017 and started doing two Personal Training sessions a week.

“Food Coaching and accountability made all the difference. By the end of Challenge I was feeling strong and starting to tone my body. I had so much more energy to do things with my family and friends. When I laughed I was genuinely happy.

“I then completed the 2017 Summer Sculpt Challenge which helped me not only lose more weight, but start to sculpt my body.

“I have now lost 33kg since joining Fernwood. My health has improved so much; I no longer have knee or joint pain and do not need cholesterol tablets.

“I am so grateful for the guidance and support from the whole Fernwood team who have helped to keep me motivated throughout my weight loss journey.  I have made many friends at the gym and look forward to going.

“I had previously dieted, exercised and tried to lose weight for 20 years. I feel so healthy, fit and happy! I can’t wait to see what I can achieve with my trainers in 2018!”

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