Why Kim's done 3 Foxy challenges... and keeps coming back for more

I did my first 12 Week Challenge in 2012 after a friend suggested it to me. I’d only recently joined Fernwood, and at first I dismissed it – I was afraid and thought it expensive – but after seeing her transformation I was blown away.

My starting weight was 110 kilograms. During that first challenge I committed to six days a week. I started off with cardio – I would tell myself to be at the gym for a minimum of an hour – and I began to look at kilojoules like they were currency. This helped me decide whether I wanted to “spend” 2000 kilojoules on a slice of cake, or a nutritious wrap and a smoothie instead.

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Get Foxy isn’t a fad diet and gave me the correct tools for life after the challenge, and I find it such excellent source of motivation. I give props to people who go it alone (which I do when Get Foxy and Fernwood's 8 week summer programs aren’t running), but I find the trainers and food coaches definitely keep you on track. It does cost a bit extra, but when you consider that our bodies stay with us for life, and that your health is more important than any material object, it’s pretty clear what the priority should be.

My whole mindset changes during Get Foxy. Over my three-year weightloss journey I have always maintained my weight-loss, but it’s during the challenges that I really flourish and see results. I think the point system and the constant support is what drives me, as I set myself weekly goals and became very competitive – seeing my name on the whiteboard for having the most points that particular week drives me to keep it up. The weekly workouts shake things up and it’s nice to train with new faces and be able to help each other out, plus the weekly challenges, and knowing you can do them again six weeks later and see how far you have come, are fantastic. I like that I can document everything in my journal and look back on it all.

When you’re participating in a challenge it helps a lot to have a good support system in all areas of your life, so I started telling people at work about my challenge and every week after my weigh in they would ask, “So? How did last night go?” and were so keen to hear the results. My boss even started calling me “Slimbo” (a change from my nickname, Kimbo) after noticing how much weight I was losing.

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I’m still working toward my goal weight two years on but I have found that doing it over a long period of time means I haven’t lost interest or put the weight back on. Gym is now one of my highest priorities. It’s not only a thing I “have to do”, it’s something I am very passionate about. By July last year my weight was down to 79 kilograms, and after barely being able to run in my first challenge, I completed my first City2Surf in August and ran pretty much the whole way – a goal of mine for a few years.

I have been at Fernwood for more than four years now, and I can’t explain how much has changed for me since I joined – I would never consider leaving.

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*Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.

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