How Kellie found her 'me time' at Fernwood

Before joining Fernwood Chirnside Park, single Mum Kellie thought her days of being fit were long behind her. Although regular exercise helped Kellie find herself and a place for ‘me time.’ Since then, she hasn’t looked back.

My mental health journey

Before joining Fernwood I was a divorced single mum raising two children whilst working a full time job. I was in a rut, and I didn't think I had time to be the 'me' I was before being divorced. I was despondent, feeling ‘not good enough’, unfit and unhealthy.

Joining Fernwood

I chose Fernwood to help me find the fit, healthy and glowing me again after being a single mum and for many years not having enough time or money to look after myself.

The 6.00am classes were just what I needed to jump start my days and feel better about myself. First I did the 6 Week Summer Sculpt Challenge. Then feeling confident that I could do it, I did the 12 Week Challenge and won the Lean Machine category at my club!

I'm confident, I'm motivated and I feel like I have a safe place to push myself and know I won't be judged by setbacks in food choices. I know Fernwood is there for me to work hard or escape in a yoga class when needed. It's also my ‘me’ time place!

I have attended a lot of yoga classes and find it's great when life gets hectic. During the 12 Week Challenge I learnt a lifetime of good eating habits, and I've passed this on to my children and my friends and family - I cannot share it enough. I am healthier, fitter and definitely mentally and physically stronger due to the effort and work I've put in at Fernwood.

My Fernie community

Fernwood Chirnside Park motivated me and showed me that a working mum could find time to be fit and healthy.

The best thing about my Fernwood is definitely the staff and the members. I've chatted with new members and old members in the coffee lounge, it's like we are a mini family. We all come there for better health and it's amazing how much more in common you have, especially being all female!

My advice to anyone thinking of joining Fernwood

Do it, don't delay. There is no judgement, it's a women’s gym without the high school mentality. At Fernwood Chirnside Park you get an extended family, or at the very least some new awesome friends who make coming to the gym even more enjoyable.

If you or someone you know needs support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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