How Summer Sculpt helped Jessica get fitter and stronger

Sydenham member Jessica got fitter, stronger and lost 4.4kg during the 2017 Summer Sculpt. Named her club’s Challenge winner, she shares the secrets to her success.

"My health and fitness before Summer Sculpt was good, but I wanted to work on what I was eating and improve my fitness.

I loved the nutrition advice, recipes and meal plans in the challenge. With the help from my PT Alice I was able to keep on track with my healthy eating.

My mindset was the biggest challenge during Summer Sculpt because I struggled with believing in myself, but with the help from the in-club support and my PT I was able to change that.

Now I'm feeling fitter, stronger, I've got lots of energy and my mindset is good. I feel happier and have so more energy to do normal everyday things. Since Summer Sculpt, I'm now writing out journals every day so I'm on top of what I'm eating.

I think the key to success is to believe in yourself and don't let anyone put you down.

The advice I would give to anyone thinking of doing Summer Sculpt is to just take it one day at a time and not think about the whole 6 weeks."

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