Support the key to Jessica's new lifestyle

Since joining Fernwood Belconnen, member and mum Jessica has found her 'me time' and feeling more motivated than ever to put herself first.

"Before joining Fernwood, my physical health wasn't that great. I had zero motivation to do anything as I have a toddler, and my mindset was always 'wanting' to do better for myself but never actually doing anything.

Since joining Fernwood, I have this 'can do' attitude where I set a goal of what I want to achieve and push for it.

The biggest goal I have achieved is motivating myself to work out and having a positive mindset that I can do it. I've now lost about 4kgs and feel a lot better that I am putting myself first, for the first time since having my daughter three years ago. I want to feel and be better not only for myself but for my family.

The key to my success has been the support, my husband continuously pushes me to go to the gym when I don’t have the motivation. My motivation has also improved since having my mother-in-law as a gym buddy. We exercise together which is really fun.

At Fernwood Belconnen, the equipment is always taken care of, staff are always friendly and welcoming and I enjoy the few facilities that other gyms don't have like the breakfast bar and children’s creche. These little things make a world of a difference.

The most challenging thing has been being continuous with my lifestyle and not slacking off when I know that I need to do this.

Joining Fernwood has been the best decision I have made. I feel more confident about myself and feel motivated and full of positivity.

If you're thinking of joining Fernwood, take that step! Don't sit there contemplating it forever. Once you start it's a stepping stone to your health and wellbeing improving."

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