Jess balances fitness with year 12 for her best results yet

The pressure of year 12 left Jessica Tran feeling constantly tired, sluggish and lethargic. She was eating fast food on a weekly basis and was unhappy with her body.

People thought Jess was crazy when she decided to do something about her health and fitness and join Fernwood Cairnlea prior to the exam period. But she was dedicated to getting in shape, and even skipped drinking and partying with her friends after exams so she could reach her goals.

With support from her trainers over the next 12 months, Jess was able to lose over 15kgs, shed 25cm from her waist, and drop down to an 'Athletic' BMI range. And best of all, she’s happier, more energetic and optimistic than ever before.

What was your ‘light bulb’ moment?

“Honestly, when I tipped the scales at over 80kg it really freaked me out and I knew I wanted to make a change.”

Why did you choose Fernwood over other gyms or programs?

“I really love the thought of having strong and supported women surrounding me when I workout. I don’t feel intimidated or judged when I work out at my local Fernwood compared to other gyms I have been to.”

What was or has been the most challenging thing?

“Eating right and avoiding food temptations are definitely the toughest things I have to encounter on a daily basis. But I am constantly motivated and checked up on by my trainer to ensure that I am on track.”

What aspects of your club do you enjoy most and why?

“The personal training and social aspect of my club have to be the best things at Fernwood Cairnlea. If I didn’t have so many nice friends and fellow members there, I don’t think I would go as often and work out as hard as I do.”

What has been the biggest thing you have learnt?

“I learnt that goals can be achieved regardless of how big or unrealistic they are to you now – they CAN be achieved.”

What was your key to success?

“Determination; I was a very negative person prior to joining Fernwood, but if I set a goal I like to stick to it. I believe my determination has gotten me to where I am today – there is nothing better than self-drive.”

What was the best thing about reaching your goals?

“I am a much happier and positive person now. I feel comfortable in my own skin and can wear whatever I like, because I am happy with how I look. I don’t stress over my weight anymore. I just simply enjoy life while keeping fit and healthy at my local Fernwood gym.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining Fernwood?

“Stop thinking about it, and JOIN TODAY! It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make! I regret not joining sooner!”

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