Jeanette Watt gets fit and fab at 50

Vital stats

Name: Jeanette Watt
Club: Bellpost, Victoria
Weight lost: 7.4kg
Body fat lost: 15%

Motivation to do the 12 Week Challenge

I’m turning 50 in October and became a grandmother during the challenge. I know it’s only a number, but I want to be ready for life at 50, knowing I’m in the best physical shape I can be. I had weight I wanted to lose, and by committing to the challenge and having my progress tracked, I had to stick to the plan. I’m delighted to have exceeded my weight loss goal and reduced my body fat – and I have muscle definition I never thought possible.

Most enjoyable aspect

Apart from the physical challenges and the pleasure of watching my body shape change and weight reduce, I loved the personal side of it. The staff quickly identified the members who were prepared to give the challenge their best shot and encouraged us every step of the way.

Key to success

When I signed up I decided to give it 100 per cent, and to see it through until the end. By consistently completing the challenges and workouts, trying new classes, regular PT and food coaching sessions, and adding an extra 30-minute session to anything I did, the points added up, my weight and body fat reduced and I became much stronger than I ever expected. I’ve been training with my PT, Vicki Clarke, for more than a year, and while Vicki has always been in tune with exactly what I need in each session, during the challenge she found new ways to extend me and open my eyes to how much more I can do.


I was inspired by meeting other women in the challenge and developing new friendships. Many of us have vastly different life circumstances, but shared the common goal and interest. At the gym we’re not anyone’s wife or mother; we’re individual women doing something for ourselves.

Low point

I found week 10 physically tough. I was determined to maintain consistency in my training, but I was feeling quite tired and was busy with work and other commitments.

Biggest surprise

I learnt that, physically and mentally, I’m capable of much more than I ever thought. A lot of the challenges were as much about having the right attitude as they were about the physical requirements.

Next goal

I’m determined to maintain my new weight, fitness and strength. I’ve enjoyed buying new clothes and, although I’m not quite used to being complimented for the way I look, I’ve found people’s comments and the fact they’ve noticed my new size another good reason to keep things the way they are!

*Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.

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