How Jackie transformed her life and lost 25kgs

Jackie transformed her life after joining Fernwood’s 12 Week Challenge in 2017. Completing her second challenge in 2018, Jackie has lost 25kgs to date and has been working towards becoming a “healthy, happy Jackie.” Read her story.

“Before I joined Fernwood, I was unhealthy, overweight and miserable. I owned a small business and work was my life! I never went out and would comfort myself with food and alcohol which made me feel even worse.

My turning point was a sudden death of a friend and my husband telling me he hated the person I had become.  It shocked me to really take a look at my life and what I was doing to myself.

I thought to myself, I have two options - I could curl up on the couch and continue to go downhill. Or I could get up, moving and turn my life around. That’s when my health and fitness journey began!

So I sold my business, I went to my local Fernwood Fitness in Toowoomba and I joined the 12 Week Challenge in 2017. To my surprise I was the winner of my club, losing 13kgs and 72cms. From there, the Challenge it has given me the keys to keep my fitness and health goals going.

I have two amazing women who have inspired me throughout my journey, my PT Marci and my gym buddie Barb. These ladies have been by my side the whole way.

Looking back at old photos has been a huge motivation for me, I feel like a new person has escaped from the old me. Setting small, achievable fitness goals has also kept me motivated.

My journey has inspired my friends and family to make a change and since beginning my life has turned around, and I am now a healthy, happy Jackie.”

Follow Jackie’s health and fitness journey on Instagram at @healthy.happy.jackie

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