How BFFs Hannah and Cass have lost more than 20kg

Best friends of 20 years, Hannah and Cass, are proof that women supporting women can do amazing things.

The pair were winner and runner-up in Fernwood Belconnen’s 2017 Summer Sculpt Challenge. Hannah has lost over 12kg since joining Fernwood in July 2017, and Cass 8kg since joining in October.

“It was great doing Summer Sculpt with Cass. She made it fun, having a girlfriend going through the same thing you are, sweating it out at the gym,” Hannah said.

Since the end of the challenge, Hannah and Cass still regularly work out together, combining fitness with spending time with each other.

“Hannah is fiercely competitive and a good motivator. She shows me things she has learnt in PT and I would show her things I enjoy and learn in Body Pump,” Cass said.

“Cass and I do a bit of everything at the gym. Sometimes we’ll do a class or just go for a walk. Some days we just jump on an elliptical next to each other and watch our own Netflix,” explained Hannah.

Both Hannah and Cass love the drive working out with each other brings out in them.

“I find I try exercises with a friend that I have never done before. If I feel like I’m doing it wrong or looking like a dag I know I have that person there to help me or just have a laugh with,” Cass said.

“The best thing about working with a friend is that they push and support you, you try new things and above all have fun.”

“I used to prefer to work out alone, but now I find it difficult when I need that competitive nature to kick in and give me a push. Most of my training is with someone -  classes, boot camp and PT with Cass or other friends,” Hannah said.

“Gyming together makes exercise fun! We laugh and muck around, but we push each other to do our best. We just have a good time doing it.”

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