The results are in: our 12 Week Get Foxy Winners for 2015

One word: Wow.

When the ladies at Fernwood HQ came together to select this year’s 12 Week ‘Get Foxy’ Challenge winners, there was fist-pumping, celebratory dances in the office, and yes - even a few tears.

Once again, we have been completely blown away by the transformations in this year’s challenge. You have proven the Get Foxy Challenge isn’t just about the weight - it’s about so much more. Your stories of triumph inspire us to continue to make a difference in all women’s lives and give meaning to what we do every day. In our eyes, you are all winners.

But we can only crown one winner. This year’s winners were selected from the amount of weight they lost, their adherence to the challenge, points gained, and journals. So without further ado… the National winner for this year’s Get Foxy Challenge is…

National Winner: Elyse Brown from Fernwood Tullamarine

From feeling ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ about the state of her health and fitness and like she’d ‘lost control’ of her life, to realising she can ‘overcome self-doubt and take control’ – inspirational 26-year-old Elyse lost just under 30kg in 12 short weeks. ‘I feel like a winner already,’ Elyse wrote in her final journal entry. ‘This challenge has changed my life…. I’ve learnt what it’s like to be the new me!’ Well done Elyse!
State runners-up:

  • Paula Pitt, Fernwood Tuggeranong, lost 22.2kg
  • Sarah Waters, Fernwood Toowoomba, lost 19.2kg
  • Heather Southwood, Fernwood Bellerive, lost 14.4kg
  • Heidi Robinson, Fernwood Clayton, lost 15.7kg

Lean Machine Winner: Tracy Tebb from Fernwood Ballarat

2015 has been Tracy’s year! After winning the 12 Week Challenge in our online blogger giveaway, she’s walked away a winner again(!), taking home our Lean Machine crown for 2015. Although she had a few chronic health issue to overcome, that didn’t stop Tracey setting herself some clear goals at the start of this challenge: “I’d like to be able to run like the wind again…. and I’d like to see my abs at least once before I die!” Girlfriend, you’ve shed almost 10% of your body fat percentage and we can DEFINITELY see your abs!!

Heartfelt Hero: Anita Murnane from Fernwood Carindale

Beautiful Anita from Fernwood Carindale demonstrated the most amazing inner-transformation during the 12 Week Challenge. She endeavoured to find positives and solutions to every obstacle that was thrown her way, and in doing so has completely changed her mindset and shed almost 10kg in the process. Well done Anita!

Best & Fairest Online: Roslyn Wingens from Fernwood Camberwell

Proving social media isn’t just for Gen Y, Roslyn took to our social timeline like a duck to water, helping to keep everyone’s spirits high when the going got tough. The over-60’s champion lost a total of 14.5kg during the challenge and plans to keep shedding weight for a long and healthy life.

If there’s one thing all our winners have in common, it’s that they followed the program to a tee. They wrote down their goals, they created an action plan, and they challenged their limiting beliefs. They undertook every task in their 12 Week Challenge workbook to make a shift in their mindset and align their mind, body and soul to their health and fitness goals – and that, essentially, is the key to weight loss success.

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*Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.

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