Fitter and stronger: Bronwyn's 4-week checkpoint

The first four weeks of the 12 Week Challenge are done and dusted and our challengers are well on their way to creating lifelong healthy habits. We checked in with Preston member Bronwyn to see how she has been finding it so far.

"I'm finding the 12 Week Challenge super challenging but super rewarding. The first couple of days were a huge shock to the system.

As you can imagine, I was eating a junk food diet full of sugar and fat. When I took that away and rewarded my body with protein and good fat, my body went into shock. I had headaches, felt tired for the first couple of days, had sugar cravings and I didn’t think I could do it. I proved myself wrong and got through those days and have felt amazing since.

The Challenge is so fun! I love doing the weekly workouts and have met so many new people and made friends along the way, which is so motivating.

Since starting this challenge, I am noticing how much stronger and fitter I am becoming. When I first did the fitness test in week one, I was a sweaty, unfit mess. I struggled to finish the 1km row and could barely do 20 push-ups. In only a short four weeks, I’m rowing that 1km no problem and lifting much more heavier weights.

I have also noticed I have much more energy. I wake up and don't feel tired like I used to, and don't need a pick-me-up coffee at 3pm. My friends have already commented that I seem brighter and happier.

The most enjoyable part of the 12 Week Challenge so far has been all the new classes I have been trying. I used to steer completely clear from Cycle and Combat classes because I used to find them so hard. Now I love them. As I get fitter, I find myself going harder.

I aim to work out every single day, whether it be a class, a personal training session, a FIIT30 session or just my own workout. I make sure I put time aside, no matter how busy I am, and get to the gym. Sometimes it’s hard and I just want to go home, lay on the couch and watch some TV, but I push those old feelings aside and make sure I work out instead.

In the next four weeks I'm hoping to go down a dress size. I have clothes that I bought with the intention of losing weight so I could wear them, but that never happened. With this Challenge and the way that my body is changing, that might happen!

The support I get from Fernwood Preston and my trainer Tash is incredible. They check in with me frequently to see how I am going and it’s so encouraging and makes me want to work harder.

I'm also planning my week ahead to stay motivated. Each Sunday Night, I plan my workouts for the week. When I go to each, I tick them off. It makes me feel accomplished and motivated that I have these little goals for myself during this challenge."

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