What it's like working out with your BFF

Best friends Ashlee and Michelle have the best motivation on the gym floor – each other.  You will often see the pair at Fernwood Tuggeranong, helping the other to reach new PBs and get right out of their comfort zone.

The result? By combining two things they love, they get a powerful workout and spend quality time with each other.

“When working out by myself, I lack motivation. When working out with Ashlee we both push ourselves, we are energised and experiment with new equipment and exercises,” Michelle said.

“Most days we will just do basic workouts with each other. But on the days we want to try something fun and new, we do workouts that involve using no equipment and instead use each other as weights,” Ashlee said.

Sharing their BFF workouts on Instagram, both Ashlee and Michelle admit they are competitive on the gym floor. But that drive helps to get the best out of themselves and reach limits they never could have reached alone.

“Ashlee and I are both very competitive whether we admit it or not! We understand each other and what we want to work on, our goals and our insecurities and are always there to help each other out,” Michelle said.

“We are very comfortable with asking each other for help or correcting each other’s technique. For me though, I respond best to words of encouragement which Michelle is amazing at and it really motivates me to be better in everything I do,” Ashlee said.

So what’s the best thing about working out with your best friend?

“I get to do something that I love, with someone I love doing it with! She makes working out something I look forward to and plan around instead of something I used to dread and feel nervous about doing,” said Ashlee.

“We laugh, have fun and muck around, but at the end of the day we push each other. My best workouts or hiking adventures have definitely been with Ashlee and now that we are both interested in becoming PTs. I can’t wait to see where it takes us,” said Michelle.

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