Anna lost 20kg and became a fitness model

Anna Silkeci joined Fernwood Tuggeranong to give herself some 'me time' - now 20kg lighter and the winner of a fitness model competition, she couldn't feel happier or healthier.

Juggling life's demands

I am a firm believer that if something bad happens, something good will always come of it.

I am a mother, wife and friend, and I was also caring for my elderly mother who needs round-the-clock care for a number of chronic illnesses. Although I was great at juggling the priorities of others I had begun to neglect my own, settling for more and more of life’s instant pleasures, making some not so healthy choices along the way. Soon enough life’s demands began to show, I continued to gain weight and in turn became less active.

Although I do love caring for mum, I knew I had to let go of some responsibilities to allow for “me” time again, and to do this I needed a new plan, with different priorities. This time my number-one priority was to figure out what was important to me. Once I was able to let go of some responsibilities (bless her carers!) I was able to start spending quality time with my family and friends again, as well as start to work towards my health goals.

First-hand exposure enabled me to learn that some part my mother’s illnesses may have been preventable through education and making better health choices, but it wasn’t until I understood this that I realised what it was that was important to me – I needed to make sure that I did everything I could to minimise the chances of burden for myself, husband and children while at the same time be a better role model for my two amazing teenage children, in the hope of setting them up for healthier future.

Finding fitness again

Joining Fernwood Tuggeranong was the first step towards reaching my goal – I now call it my home away from home. It didn’t take me long before I became a big fan of the Les Mills group fitness classes offered, led by inspirational instructors, with each workout providing amazing benefits and keeping me motivated because of the fun, encouraging atmosphere. I also can’t recommend strength training enough, whether it’s done at home or in a gym or group fitness class. For me, this was the key to achieving results.

In addition to training, I learnt that I needed to nourish my body, and only once I got this right did I start to see real results. After trying many diets I knew I needed a different approach, and Food Coaching sessions gave me a basis to start, plus the all-important motivation I needed to achieve my first goal of being 20 kilograms healthier.

With my passion for health and fitness back, together with patience, consistency and perseverance, I found the drive to become a better version of me. In search of a new goal I decided to aim a little higher, I wanted to take my body, mind and spirit a step further out of my comfort zone, so I decided to compete in the local fitness model competition.

Naturally I had my doubts – after two C-sections and lots of weight gain I had just accepted that I would never be comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach again. I was wrong.

The ultimate reward

I had amazing advice from my coach at Succeed Physique, and mountains of encouragement and support right up to that moment I stepped on stage from the fabulous team at Fernwood Tuggeranong. I have never felt stronger than I did when taking home the first place INBA ACT Ms ACT Fitness Model 30+ Winner’s trophy and second place overall.

Where to from here? Will I compete again? Yes! I would love to! But I’m not going to live for the next competition – competing is simply a way for me to celebrate my own personal achievements. I’m passionate about what I do both inside and out of the gym because I know that through making the right choices and by carefully planning achievable goals anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I have been blessed to be able to share my experience with my teenage daughter who is a strong, fit and healthy young woman that I am very proud of.

* Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.

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