Amanda lets go of the weight

Vital stats

Name: Amanda Williams
Club: Shellharbour, New South Wales
Weight lost: 19kg
Body fat lost: 11.5%


I had held onto my weight for long enough, and I felt in my mind I was ready to let it all go. The challenge had a set time limit, and gave me no excuses to say “I’ll do it next week”.

Most enjoyable aspect

Being able to wear my rings and old clothes again because of the weight I lost!

Key to success

Definitely the incredible support from my husband. He took on my extra responsibilities, getting up at the crack of dawn to look after our youngest child who’s still breastfeeding and hard to settle, so that I could maximise my time in the 12 weeks. Also Fernwood Shellharbour’s amazing group fitness instructor, Lilli. She’s our very own Hollywood star! Without her I would never be where I am today.

Low point

I struggled to concentrate on my goals and on putting myself first, not spending all my time with my family.

Biggest surprise

Discovering just how strong my mind and body really is, and that I can achieve anything I want with enough willpower.

Next goal

I want to work on strength, especially core strength, and muscle sculpting.

*Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.

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