Fernwood FIIT30

Strong women, real results

FIIT30 is Fernwood’s premium fitness high intensity interval training (HIIT), designed to deliver an intense full-body workout, in just 30 minutes. These specially designed HIIT sessions run in our dedicated FIIT30 spaces, with a limited capacity of 8-12 women per session so you can benefit from a small group training environment, with the added perk of having a dedicated personal trainer by your side to support proper technique, cheer you on and get you through the last 30 seconds of those seemingly never-ending planks, burpees and pushups – all the fun stuff! It’s high-intensity, small group training that targets your whole body. FIIT30 is suitable for all fitness levels, with sessions taken by a qualified Personal Trainer and done in groups of 8-12.

Take a sneak peek at Fernwood FIIT30.

Fernwood FIIT30 sessions will help you to get fitter, leaner and stronger, faster, as you burn fat, build strength and tone muscles through a range of hand-selected workouts that work all the major muscle groups. These sessions will get the heart pumping, feet moving and sweat pouring as you work through a circuit of challenging (and fun!) workouts.

  1. Exclusive HIIT program designed for women
  2. 30-minute sessions = more time for activities you love
  3. Small group training environment
  4. Elite and experienced instructors
  5. Designed for women who want results faster
  6. Intense full body workouts
  7. Premium equipment
  8. Live heart rate results

So if you’re a woman who loves to spice up her routine and challenge herself, then Fernwood FIIT30 is definitely for you. These sessions are powerful and motivating, and open to all fitness levels. Our experienced personal trainers will be there to adjust weights, swap out workouts and offer guidance whenever you need it.

Fernwood FIIT30 is high-intensity, small group training that targets your whole body in a half hour session, making it ideal for busy women!

Fernwood FIIT30 sessions can be purchased in-club. Want a little more info? Come and speak to us at reception – you know we love a chat! Not available in all clubs.

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